Students of the University of Texas make a stay at the FBE to learn about the industry and the innovation of the territory

The students of the MBA of the University of Texas at El Paso with the students of the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the URV during a joint work session.

They have attended specialized seminars, visits to companies and an exchange of experiences with master students of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

22 students of the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) of the University of Texas at El Paso (United States) are making a stay at the URV through the Study Abroad program to learn first hand the economic reality of the region Catalonia South from March 18 to 23. They do this by attending specialized seminars taught by the faculty of the Faculty of Economics and Business and by visiting different companies. This Tuesday they exchanged impressions with the MBA students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in an activity based on the concept of speed dating.

The stay has also allowed them to see the functioning of projects that are similar to those that work in class. For example, the start-up of a wine cellar, which one of the students must devise for a subject. In this sense, it has been very useful to visit the Clos Galena Winery, which from the Molar exports its production to several countries and serves wine, among others, to events such as the Nobel Prizes.

Like the visit to the headquarters of the Borges Group, which, according to Beatriz Lucero, staff from the University of Texas who accompanies the students, has allowed them to see that it is an agrifood company similar to the ones in the border region between Mexico and U.S. They have also visited Port Aventura and the Eurecat facilities, in this case to see how the creation of spin-offs of research projects is articulated.

With the participation in the Study Abroad program, the Faculty of Business and Economics intensifies the exchanges that had already been made with the University of Texas at El Paso, basically with stays of URV faculty in the United States, says Amado Alarcón, professor at the University of Texas. Department of Business Management and responsible for this international course.