Internships in companies in the private and public sector

The Master students of the Faculty of Economics and Business have the option of doing extracurricular internships while doing their master program: these are paid internships that are compatible with the teaching schedules. They depend upon availability of offer and the selection process is established by each particular company.

Through these internships, the student becomes linked to the labour market, whether the internship is carried out  in a public institution (town councils, county councils,...) or private companies (banks and accounting firms, family companies, multinationals, SMEs, consulting agencies, ...).

In the province of Tarragona there is a large number of companies and institutions with which we collaborate for a long time in order to offer students an array of possibilities of internships.

In that regard, the Economics and Business Faculty has signed agreements with more than 200 companies and institutions which belong to many different sectors of economic activity.

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