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Faculty of Business and Economics

Tutorial Action Plan

  • Can I do an internship outside the University?
  • What is a specialization?
  • Can I take English courses?

Students may ask themselvese these and other questions while they are studying for a degree in the European Higher Education Area. The Tutorial Action Plan (TAP) is the instrument proposed by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili to guide decision-making and monitor their academic career.

For any questions or concerns about the TAP of the Faculty of Business and Economics, contact pat.fee(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat 

Documents of interest

The Tutorial Action Plan (in Catalan)

Brochure about the TAP (in Spanish)

Reports on the Tutorial Action Plan:

Year 2017-18 (in Catalan)

Year 2016-17 (in Catalan)

Year 2015-16 (in Catalan)

Year 2014-15 (in Catalan)

Year 2013-14 (in Catalan)

Year 2012-13 (in Catalan)

Year 2011-12 (in Catalan)

Year 2010-11 (in Catalan)

Year 2009-10 (in Catalan)

  • Careers guidance

What is the careers guidance for? (In Catalan)

Make an appointment at the URV's Careers Guidance Service (in Spanish)


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